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The clients of Paradisul Verde Lake respect the following rules and understand that their non-observance leads to the cessation of the services provided, the client takes the responsibility for his own actions!

  1. At the entrance to the pond, the fishing fee is paid, after which you enter the stand by the car, leave your luggage and take the car to the parking lot.

  2. At the end of the fishing trip, the administrator is notified and the luggage is loaded in the car with him after checking it.

  3. The fishing will take place according to the following schedule: day fishing from 07-19. For cottages at least 24 hours after occupying the cottage.

  4. It is mandatory for the fisherman to have a lie with a large opening, disinfectant spray, mattresses are in each house.

  5. Fishing is practiced from the shore, the rods will have mounts with a single hook.

  6. The fisherman who informs the administrator or the keeper about another fisherman who steals or hides over, and this will be proven, the fisherman will be rewarded with 1 voucher (24h). The fisherman who violates this regulation will have a criminal record.

  7. The fisherman and his companions are obliged to behave civilly, without screams, scandal, music, and other hooligan manifestations.

  8. The fisherman can be accompanied by a maximum of 2 people. Other possible people will pay a leisure fee of 10 lei each.

  9. Fishermen are required to maintain the general cleanliness of the fishing ground.

  10. The company reserves the right to select its customers.

  11. Those who want to rent the house are asked to bring their own bedding, the beds only have a mattress.

  12. Fire is allowed only in specially arranged places.

  13. It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the house.

  14. Captures can be taken only above the receiving mattress at a maximum of 50 cm from the ground.

  15. Bathing is forbidden, there are areas with very deep water, DANGER OF DRINKING!

  16. Between 20-07 you are not allowed to go out or enter the pond! In case of emergency, notify the administrator to check the machine.

  17. The use of jewels is forbidden!

  18. Causing damage, dead fish, or other consequences of handling and inappropriate behavior is paid in Euros at the purchase price of the fish!

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